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Monica is a sought-after Norwegian pianist, of Romanian origin.

She began her piano studies in Romania, and two decades later she received her Advanced Solo Diploma from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.


In 2013, (whilst preparing for several concerts celebrating 100 years anniversary of women's right to vote in Norway) Monica noticed that there were no women composers widely known to concert-goers or to other musicians for that matter. Since then she has embarked on a quest to bring these forgotten composers back into concert halls, and to acknowledge their important contributions within the western classical music tradition.


In 2017 Monica launched Norway's first concert series exclusively presenting music by women composers: "Kvinnelige spor i musikkhistorien (Women’s footsteps throughout music history)".


Although women composers have in more recent times established their rightful places in the classical concert repertoire, there is still a long way to go to build a recording catalogue that documents the rich diversity and creative output of women composers.

Frøya Productions (of which Monica is co-founder) aims to contribute to this recording catalogue by creating new recordings of established works by women composers, and by bringing to the public’s attention works previously unrecorded.


Record label: Frøya Productions.

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